Future Conservationists Program

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Kids weedingHere at your local land trust, we always try to remember why we protect land, and who we protect it for. It really comes down to one word: future.

Beginning in early 2012, we began to examine our monitoring program’s ability to teach the community about what we do and how our efforts are important in conserving our local environment. To that end, we are joining our summer monitoring efforts with a new experiential educational component that seeks to involve local youth in conservation and the monitoring process.

Students from several youth organizations have partaken in multi-day field courses where they participated in hands-on conservation education lessons showing themhow fun, engaging, beautiful, and important our local lands are.  By conducting the program at 5 conservation easements held by EVLT, learn about the different values of conservation (open space, historical value, habitat protection, scenic views) while also learning about key technologies like GPS that we use in our monitoring efforts.

EVLT is proud to collaborate with other organizations to deliver the FC program, including Walking Mountains Science Center . For more information, read here! Please contact Jessica at jfoulis@evlt.org for more information.

DSC_0008This education and outreach project is possible because of the generous support of our partners including Vail Resorts EpicPromise.