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2016 Supporters

by Bergen Tjossem

Sustaining Council ($10,000+)

George Family Foundation
Molly and Jay Precourt
Jody and David Smith
Kent Erickson and Barbara Krichbaum
Kathy and Jim Cargill II
Christiane Hepfer
Tara and Bob Levine
Pam and Ben Peternell
Priscilla Scrooby Foundation
Vail Daily

Guardian of our Land ($5,000-$9,999)

Brooke and Hap Stein
Tina Nielsen and Andrew Littman
Nancy and Mark Foster
Kathy and Bjorn Borgen
Margie and Tom Gart
Barbie and Tony Mayer
Vail Resorts Epic Promise
Town of Avon
Town of Eagle
Town of Gypsum
Alpine Bank

Steward of our Land ($2,500-$4,999)

Amy and Steven Coyer
Sue and Dan Godec
Allison and Frank Navarro
David Schlendorf
Mary Beth and Charlie O’Reilly
Kathleen and Steve McConahey
Charles Scudder
Jill and Bob Warner, Jr.
Judy and Bob Holmes
Stanley and Mary Ellen Cope
Scott Green
Betsy and Mark Kogan
El Pomar Foundation
R.A. Nelson
Vail Honeywagon
First Bank

Friend of our Land ($1,000-2,499)

Betsy and George Wiegers
Andie and Dave Bombard
Caulkins Family Foundation
Sally and Kevin Clair
Barbara and Buzz Fielder
Lorraine and Harley Higbie
Wendy Sacks
Bonfire Entertainment
Vail Anglers LLC
Sandi and Larry Agneberg
Karen and Scot Barker
Steve Conlin
Judy and Peter Copses
Margaret and Tom Edwards
Laura and Steve Wehrle
Alexa and Jack Sulak
Diane and Michael Ziering
Gustafson Family Foundation
Shannon and Todger Anderson
Kara and Farley Bolwell
Gretchen and Julian Brigden
John and Patti Cogswell
Dorothy and Bill Cohen
Elizabeth Davis
Arlene and John Dayton
Kara Horner and Spencer Denison
Janet and Jim Dulin
Elliott Family Fund
Emy and Mike Halpert
Lola Higbie
Linda and John Howitt
Cheryl and Bill Jensen
Hope Anderson Kapsner and Matt Kapsner
Shelby and Scot Key
Kathy and Neal Kimmel
Brenda and Joe McHugh
Sheila Mossman
Myers Foundation
Mark and Jill Oman
Amy and Jay Regan
Elizabeth and Brian Sipes
Dr. Tom Steinberg
Diane and Marshall Wallach
Carol and Pat Welsh
US Bank
Land Trust Alliance
Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc.
Climax Mine
Green Valley Homes and Hawk’s Nest
Gemini Resorts Management
US Bank
CoBiz Bank
Greenstar Financial
Eagle County Conservation District
Slifer, Smith, and Frampton Foundation
Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa

Defender of our Land ($500-1,000)

Jeanne and Peter Kinnear
Peg Rosenquist
Krizia and Michael Routh
John Taylor
Susan and Greg Johnson
Margo and Roger Behler
Shawnna and Graham Frank
Grant McCracken
Jeanne and Dale Mosier
Jayne and Jack Kendall
Karen and Robert Lambert
Jacqueline Hurlbert and Norm Waite
Anne Esson
Peter Bergh
Alix and Hans Berglund
Robert Berry
Beth Ann Bovino
Sunny and Phil Brodsky
Bunnie and Jay Busch
Robin and Dan Catlin
Kirk Chalmers
Cass and Barry Gassman
Kip and Leslie Gates
Bonnie and Gary Goldberg
Becka and Stuart Green
Alida Awaan and George Gregory
Jamie Harrison
Leslie and Gary Howard
Elaine and Art Kelton
Pattie and Jim Kemp
Betsy and Bud Knapp
Joyce and Paul Krasnow
Myrna and Bob Krohn
Lindsey and Andy Larson
Meadow Mountain Homes LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Lindsay Family
Anita and John O’Connell
Mary Pownall
Lorraine and Bob Reeder
Monty Rifkin Foundation
The Leroy and Connie Schmidt Family
Argie Ligeros and Pat Tierney
Esther Tope
Judy and Joe Williams
Anne and Ted Wolff
Glen Wood
Lynn Feiger and Woody Woodruff
Rosalie Wooten
Ali Zweig
Synergy Vail Valley
Sonnenalp Foundation
Bonfire Brewing
Carrie Fell Fine Art
Gypsum Recreation Center
Holy Cross Energy
Alpine Party Rentals
Bonfire Entertainment
Bishop Bindings
Elevations Theraputic Bodywork
Eagle-Summit Foot and Ankle
Red Sky Ranch
Gerhard Assenmacher
Land Title Guarantee Company
AMT Radio – KSKE and KKCH
Molly Harrison Catering
Stevens, Littman, Biddison, Tharp & Weinberg
Town of Eagle
Vail Pilates

Grassroots (up to $500)

Pamela and Daniel Budman
Timothy Houston
Heidi and Matt Heinle
Sarah and Andy Warner
Susan Miller and Lonnie Chipman
Anne and Edward Laumann
Ellen and Gil Marchand
Jacque and Bill Oakes
Bernice Davie
David Carroll
David Sprunk
Dr. Jairo Parada
Edith and Matthew King
Marla Steele
Shannon and Matt Gaghen
Joyce Pegg
Allison and Steve Schovee
Ann and William Lieff
Deb and Dan Luginbuhl
Ellen and Michael Wolfson
Gene Mercy
Gloria and Gary Lau
Heather and Glen Hilliard
Helen and Foxhall Parker
Jackie Marchetti
James Grundtisch
Jane and Robert Viere
Janelle and Buck Blessing
Jill and Jeff Collins
Karen and John Dunn
Karen Shupe and Norman Bowles
Kathy and Bill Heicher
Kaye and Bud Isaacs
Kerma and John Karoly
Larry Stewart
Liz and Luc Meyer
Madeline and Les Stern
Matt and Nancy McKenna
Norma Creighton, Jr.
Opal and Robert Wheeler
Pam and George Shaeffer
Patsy and Pedro Cerisola
Ronnie and William Potter
Sally and Crosby Foster
Sue Anschutz-Rodgers
Susan and Steve Suggs
Holly and Buck Elliott
Brad Greenblum
Carol and Michael Phillips
Cathy and Ralph Dockery
Elaine and Jeffrey Lovell
Elissa Stein and Richard Replin
Emily and Ken Ransford
Gale and Robert Grossman
Georgianna and Ted Imbach
Ginni Edwards
Greta and Gary Blamire
Hatsie and Sandy Hinmon
Helen and Robert Gair
Jayne and David Petak
Kristina and Bill Steinberg
Melinda Beck
Michele and Will Darken
Peggy and Steve Lindstrom
Roger Tilkemeier
Rose and George Gillett
Tania and Dudley Irwin
Todd and Karen Grubin
Tracy Tutag
Deborah and Michel Voboril
Gloria Walker
Handelsman Family
Jacquelyn and John McDonough
Karin and Robert Barker
Loretta and Alan Keller
Martin Hijmans
Maryalice Cheney and Scott Goldman
Mike Rodenak
Nancy and Mauri Nottingham
Patricia and Bill Smith
Stephen Cullinan
Susan Pollack
Sydney and Thomas Kuehn
Gina and Steve Spessard
Helen and Rich Ward
Kristen Copham
Peggy and Gary Edwards
Vail Valley Partnership
Amy Dorsey
Andrea Kearns
Ann and Dave Simmons
Ann Mardis
Anne Hintz
Barbara and Bruce Bollinger
Bernie Mauch
Betty Smith
Bill Lindsay
BJ and Garrett Smith
Brenda and Tommy Geary
Caleb and Shan Burchenal
Cam Philpott
Carol and Tom Helms
Carol Jean Ebert and Jim Ferrell
Carole Maddux
Carolyn Miller
Cathy and Tom Sullivan
Charles Veith
Connie and Kenneth Scutari
Dagmar Huber
Darby Architects
Dava and Mac McWhorter, Jr.
Debby Webster and Steven Blanchard
Diana Bradley and Claude Accum
Diana Mathias
Diane and Dominic Mauriello
Diane Tope and Dick Patriacca
Donald Sigman
Doris Dewton and Dick Gretz
Dorothy and John Walter
Douglas Talbot
Eilene and Ron Oehl
Elene and George Dangles
Eric Messmer
Evelyn and Robert Levine
Fara and Jason Denhart
Fred Distelhorst
Gail Day
Gayle and Doug Schwartz
Green Valley Homes and Hawk’s Nest
Greg Copeland
Jaci Spuhler
Jackie and Jim Power
James Hahn
Jan and Jerry Fedrizzi
Jan and John Oltman
Jane and Howard Leavitt
Janice and Paul Gilbert
Jean Naumann
Jessica and Igor Levental
John Lichtenegger
Julie Hansmire
Katherine and Paul Rosenberg
Kathleen and David Habenicht
Kathy and Dick Cleveland
Kathy and Jordan Dechtman
Kathy and Stan Eaton
Kim and Galen Vetter
Kirsten and Timothy Eckley
Lee Rimel
Leslie and Matthew Braksick
Linda and Richard Gruss
Linda McKinney
Lindsay and Eddie Ferrer
Liz Benham and Toby Sprunk
Louise Ingalls
Lynn and John Gottlieb
Margaret Mayne and Robert Hesseltine
Marie and Donald Osborn
Marilyn and Larry Dale
Mary Brown
Mary Pat and Tom Santel
Michael Eber
Michael Hecht
Nancy and Stephen Gropp
Nancy and Willy Powell
Ned Goldsmith
Pat Hammon
Patricia and Rex Brown
Patti and Charlie Langmaid
Patti Johnson
Peggy and Scott Oppenheimer
Phyllis and Frank MacDougal
Phyllis Cox
Priscilla and John Cox
Renee and Jeffrey Epstein
Richard Ranieri
Robert and Pat Torvestad
Ronald Rose
Ronna Flaum
Rosie Shearwood
Sally and Lawrence Domont
Shandra and Seth Levey
Sheila and James Amend
Sidney Schultz
Susan and Carl Edwards
Suzanne and Robert Shanley
Sydney and Thomas Cerato
Teresa Havens
Terry and John Forester
Therese Liscio
Title Company of the Rockies
Toni and Bruce Berger
Traci and Michael Wodlinger
Trudy and W.I. Thomas
Valinda Yarberry
Veva and Gunars Jakobsons
Doris and Jim Eller
High Country Kombucha
Judith Permut
Susan and Leslie Fishman
Susan Hewitt
Tamara Underwood
Allan Beezley
Amy and Gregg Cohen
Amy and Robert Faulk
Angela and Hugh Overy
Ann Devine and Stephen Klein
Anne Marie and John Mueller
Annie Egan
Associates III
Bill & Lorie Amass
Bill Silvers
Casady Henry
Cathy and Herb Wigder
Craig Denton
Danielle Block
Debbie Hindman
Don Bissett
Donna Duhadway
Dwight Henninger
Eric Johnson
Fay and Thomas Fenstermacher
Holly Webster
Ilene Good
Jan and Larry Landry
Jane and Richard Hart
Jane Tully
Jean and Horst Richmond
Jeanne and Ronald Vaughn
Joyce and Larry Crawley
Judith and David Carson
Katherine Hoey
Kathryn and Jeffrey Maddox
Kim Langmaid and Peter Casabonne
Kristen Gray
Lauren and T.J. Voboril
Laurie Slaughter
Lisa Pelchat
Marka Moser
Martha Beery Milbery and Kevin Milbery
Megan Golden
Nicola Ripley
Owen Hutchinson
Pan and Win Sherman
Patricia and Paul Carson
Patricia and Steven Reininger
Patricia Dixon
Richard Gutfreund
Roberta and Jim Read
Ruth and Carl Walker
Sally and Michael Metcalf
Sharon and Greg Finch
Susan and Albert Weihl
Susan Nikolai and Markian Feduschak
Tom Moorhead
Tom Woodell
Valerie Friesen
Yolanda Marshall
Janine Hiland
Susie Kincade
Marcia and John Wild
Robert Cohen
Jane Nyman
Jon Sirkis
Barbara and Ira Einsohn
Betty and Wilber Kerman
Carol Krueger
Charles Bailey
Cheryl Bottomley
Elizabeth and Richard Reilly
Elizabeth and Tom Wessel
Emigh and Brian Litch
Gary Kime
Ginny Culp
Kathy and Bill Kizer
Kay Christensen
Kim and Alan Parnass
Linda and Dean Wolz
Lisa Siegert-Free and Nate Free
Liz Bailey
Marilyn and Bud Hyman
Mary Ann and Danilo Garcia-Travieso
Nancy and Tom Hill
Nora and Joseph Murbach
Patsy Batchelder and Andy Wiessner
Peter Casabonne
Ruth and Thomas Powers
Sally and Norman Smith
Sharon and Thomas Kasline
Doreen Somers and Jan Idzikowski
Kay Cochran
Margaret Segerberg
Rebecca Levi-Cohen
Candace and David Martens
Our Community Foundation
Vail Valley Partnership
Vail Valley Anglers
10th Mountain Hut Division Association
Apex Mountain School
High Gear Cyclery
No Bull Entertainment
Mountain Pedaler
Eagle Ranch Golf Club
Conscious Transformations
Thunder Mountain Lodge
Paragon Guides
Kemosabe Vail
Gallegos Corporation
Heritage Title Company
Vail Valley Food Tours
EPS Design and Print
Pure Barre Vail Valley
South Point Resort
TedX Vail
Ruggs Benedict, Inc.
Vail Jazz
Gypsum Creek Golf Course
Nova Guides
Blue Moose Pizza
Grouse Mountain Grill
Quakenbush Imaging
SteamMaster Restoration and Cleaning
Sweet Basil
Down Valley Anglers
A.J. Brink Outfitters
Noni’s Hair Bar
Debbie King
Yoga Off Broadway
Avon Recreation Department
Align Vail
CVT Theaters
FORM Attainment Studio
Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park
Zino Ristorante
Skin Care by Jen
The Bookworm of Edwards
Vail International Dance Festival
Vail Valley Foundation
Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
Slifer Designs
Old World Wine Co.
The Scarab
Edwards Express Oil and Lube
M.T. Imports Inc. – Valbruna & Mangiare
Town of Avon Recreation Center
Crazy Mountain Brewing Company
Green Elephant Juicery
WECMRD Field House at Edwards
Kitchen Collage
Loaded Joe’s
Northside Kitchen
Pazzo’s Pizzeria
Sticky Fingers in Minturn
Moe’s Original BBQ

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