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2019 Supporters

by Bergen Tjossem

Sustaining Council ($10,000+)


Judy and Peter Copses

Barb Krichbaum and Kent Erickson

George Family Foundation


Tara and Bob Levine

Jenny and Flip Maritz

Pam and Ben Peternell

Molly and Jay Precourt

Scrooby Foundation

Jody and David Smith


Property Underwriters

Brush Creek Valley Ranch and Open Space:

Sustaining Council Underwriters: Anonymous

Steward Level Underwriters: Anni Davis

Buffehr Creek:

Guardian Level Underwriters: Tina Nielsen and Andrew Littman; Pitt Miller Family in Memory of Calook

Casteel Creek:

Sustaining Council Underwriters: Tara and Bob Levine

Steward Level Underwriters: Debbie Heuga and Pat Horvath

Cordillera Ridgeline:

Sustaining Council Underwriters: Anonymous

Guardian Level Underwriters: Anonymous

Steward Level Underwriters: Allison and Frank Navarro; Charlie Scudder

Creamery Ranch:

Guardian Level Underwriters: Brooke and Hap Stein

Eagle River Preserve:

Sustaining Council Underwriters: Molly and Jay Precourt

East Vail Waterfall:

Guardian Level Underwriters: The Borgen Family

Homestead I:

Sustaining Council Underwriters: David and Jody Smith

Guardian Level Underwriters: Andie and Dave Bombard

Steward Level Underwriters: Tania and Dudley Landauer

Homestead II:

Guardian Level Underwriters: Stan and Mary Ellen Cope

Horn Ranch I:

Sustaining Council Underwriters: Kent Erickson and Barbara Krichbaum

Horn Ranch II:

Steward Level Underwriters: The Dun Foundation; Nancy and Mark Foster

Horse Mountain:

Steward Level Underwriters: Kathleen and Steve McConahey

McCoy Springs:

Sustaining Council Underwriters: Jenny and Flip Maritz

Miller Ranch Open Space:

Sustaining Council Underwriters: Pam and Ben Peternell

Guardian Level Underwriters: Barbie and Tony Mayer

Minturn Boneyard:

Steward Level Underwriters: Gerhard Assenmacher and Robyn Landry

Potato Patch:

Steward Level Underwriters: Anonymous


Guardian Level Underwriters: Steinberg Family

Walking Mountains Buck Creek:

Sustaining Council Underwriters: Judy and Peter Copses

Webster Ranch:

Steward Level Underwriters: Holly and Buck Elliot

West Avon Preserve:

Sustaining Council Underwriters: George Family Foundation


Guardians ($5,000 – $9,999)

Cynthia Anne Hennessy and Robert Allen
Robyn Landry and Gerhard Assenmacher
Kathy and Erik Borgen
Priscilla Brewster
Mary Ellen and Stan Cope
Dun Foundation
Nancy and Mark Foster
Lannie and Michael Lipson
Barbie and Tony Mayer
Jamie Miller
Colleen and Tom Mulroy
Tina Nielsen and Andy Littman
Mary Beth and Charlie O’Reilly
David Schlendorf
Charlie Scudder
Brooke and Hap Stein

Town of Gypsum

Steinberg Family Trust
Betsy and George Wiegers

Stewards ($2,500 – $4,999)

Margo and George Andrews
Gretchen Brigden
Anni Davis
Holly and Buck Elliott
Susanne and Paul Graf
Adam Harrison
Debbie Heuga and Pat Horvath
Kathy and Neal Kimmel
Laura and Jim Marx
Kathleen and Steve McConahey
Allison and Frank Navarro
Cynthia and Phillip Pillsbury
Jodi Steel
Laura and Steve Wehrle

Friends ($1,000 – $2,499)

Sandi and Larry Agneberg
Susan and Bob Baker
Karen and Scot Barker
Sunny and Phil Brodsky
Chris and Bonnie Campbell
David Caulkins
Caulkins Family Foundation
Dorothy and Bill Cohen
Steve Conlin
Amy and Steven Coyer
Norma Creighton
Mr. and Mrs. DeMane
Kara Horner and Spencer Denison
Dimond-Bross Charitable Fund
Matt Donovan
Andie and Dave Bombard
Janet and Jim Dulin
Margaret and Tom Edwards
Shannon and Chris Fedrizzi
Carole and Peter Feistmann
Bruce Frerer
Cass and Barry Gassman
Sue and Dan Godec
Emy and Mike Halpert
Heidi and Matt Heinle
Lorraine Higbie
Lola Higbie
Judy and Bob Holmes
Tania and Dudley Irwin
Shelly and Chris Jarnot
Cheryl and Bill Jensen
Daniel Joss in honor of Andie Bombard
Jack and Jayne Kendall
Christina and Josh Lautenberg
Anita and John O’Connell
Jill and Mark Oman
Maggie and Bill Rey
Peg Rosenquist
Connie M. Schmidt Fund
Jane Stampe
Alexa and Jack Sulak
Alec and Jean Urquhart
Diane and Marshall Wallach
Jill and Bob Warner, Jr.
Carol and Pat Welsh
Andy Wiessner
Margaret and Glen Wood

Defender ($500 – $999)

Ken Alley
Peter Bergh
Berglund Architects, LLC
Robert and Jane Berry
Kara and Farley Bolwell
Pete Brey
Bunnie and Jay Busch
Robin and Dan Catlin
Kathy and Dick Cleveland
Jill and Jeff Collins
Cathy and Hugh Collins
Bernice Davie
Mary Ann and Steve Drexler
Donna DuHadway
Anne Esson
Candace and Eric Eves
Gary and Leslie Howard Family Foundation
Bonnie and Gary Goldberg
Mari Jo and Gene Grace
Jim Grundtisch
Susan and Greg Johnson
Elaine and Art Kelton
Pattie and Jim Kemp
Scott and Shelby Key
Jeanne and Peter Kinnear
Myrna and Bob Krohn
Katie Lambert
Lindsey and Andy Larson
Ellen Lautenberg
Mary Ann and Timothy LyBarger
Brenda and Joe McHugh
Jeanne and Dale Mosier
Angela and Hugh Overy
Mary Pownall
Amanda and Adam Quinton
Julie and Charlie Ridgway
Rifkin Foundation
Robert and Teresa Lindsay Family Foundation
Michael Sanner
Elizabeth and Brian Sipes
The Carouge Family Foundation
Argie Ligeros and Pat Tierney
Diane Tope
Norman Waite
Joanna and Alan Wallenstein
Allison Krausen and Kyle Webb
Joe and Judy Williams
Benjamin Wolff
Rosalie Wooten

Grassroots ($0 – $499)

Hanna and Jesse Albertson
Erin Allen
Mary Jo and Bruce Allen
Yvonne Ammon
Shannon and Todger Anderson
Joseph and Leslie Assini
David Barry
David Becher
Margo and Roger Behler
Barbara Behrendt
Jordan Benjamin
Toni and Dr. Bruce Berger
Richard Berger
Kristen Bertuglia
Christopher Beyer
Audree and Michael Bloom
John and Mary Bobola
Sandy and David Boles
Erin and Robert Boselli
Diana Bradley and Claude Accum
Sam and Emily Bramhall
Susan and Jonathan Braun
Lynette and Guy Brickell
Jennifer Linn and Gary Brooks
Robert Brown
Pamela and Daniel Budman
Shan and Caleb Burchenal
Bush Rudolph Family Foundation
Patricia Buxman
Joan and Jack Carnie
David Carroll
Judith and David Carson
Patsy and Pedro Cerisola
Kenneth Chernoff
Susan and Ed Chipman
Susan Christensen
David Corbin
Phyllis Cox
Patrick Crosby
Anne Cuny
Silvia and Alan Danson
Michele and Will Darken
Larissa Read and Jim Daus
Thomas Dumler
Karen and John Dunn
Kathy and Stan Eaton
Michael Eber
Jon Edeen
Susan and Carl Edwards
Peggy and Gary Edwards
Ginni Edwards
Doris and Jim Eller
Renee and Jeffrey Epstein
Sue and Stew Eves
Mary Ezequelle
Sue Nikolai and Markian Feduschak
Matthew Feierstein
Wendy and Alan Feldman
Fay and Thomas Fenstermacher
Filipowski-Race Family Foundation
Susan and Leslie Fishman
Susan and Paul Fishman
Abby Fix
Caryn and Tim Flanagan
Ronna Flaum
John Forester
Sally and Crosby Foster
Mary Ann and Danilo Garcia-Travieso
Kip and Leslie Gates
Karen and Michael Gavigan
Debbie and Rick Geddes
Rose and George Gillett Jr
Megan and Peter Golden
Staunton Golding
Maryalice Cheney and Scott Goldman
Lynn and John Gottlieb in honor of Pepi Gramshammer and Dr. Gary Cage
Lisa and Doug Granat
Brad Greenblum
Jim and Laurie Gregg
Doris Dewton and Dick Gretz
Jennifer and William Griffis
Nancy and Tim Gropp
Todd and Karen Grubin
Mary and Pat Haakenson
Kathleen and David Habenicht
Jim and Laura Hahn
Pat Hammon
Handelsman Family Foundation
Judi and Jim Hardwick in honor of Brooke and Hap Stein
Todd Harris
Patti Held
Carol and Tom Helms
Dwight Henninger
Kenneth Heuer
Susan Hewitt
Janine Hiland
Gary Hill
Nancy and Thomas Hill
Glenn and Heather Hilliard
Jim and Elizabeth Himmes
Debbie Hindman
Hatsie and Sandy Hinmon
Anne Hintz
Jacqueline and Stephen Hoffman
Robinette Hoppin in loving memory of Joey Viola
Linda and John Howitt
Owen Hutchinson
Marilyn and Bud Hyman
Finnius Ingalls
Patti Johnson
Cheryl Lindstrom and Eric Johnson
Lynn and Andrew Kaufman
Andrea Kearns
Betty Kerman
Gary Kime
Randy Kossan
Carol Krueger
Sydney and Thomas Kuehn
Todd and Sandy LaBaugh
Jan and Larry Landry
Patti and Charlie Langmaid
Kim Langmaid and Peter Casabonne
Gloria and Gary Lau
Jacqueline and Wilson Leach
Jane and Howard Leavitt
Sharon and Bob Lee
Jessica and Igor Levental
Rob Levine
Joann and Ed Levy
Bill Lindsay
Peggy and Steve Lindstrom
Nancy Lipsky
Holly and Tony Loff
Ann and Hal Logan
Emily and David Lunghino
Charon and Steve Lusi in honor of Brooke and Hap Stein
Melissa MacDonald
Kathryn and Jeffrey Maddox
Becky Maddux
Frank and Pamela Maggio
Annie and Louis Marchand
Ann Mardis
Diana Mathias
Margie Mayne and Robert Hesseltine
Jacquelyn and John McDonough
Anne McKibbin
Linda McKinney
Martha McMakin
Dava and Mac McWhorter, Jr.
Randy and Michele Mehrberg
Sally and Michael Metcalf
Liz and Luc Meyer
Alfred and Pauline Meyerson
Laurie and Tom Mullen
Michael Mullenix
Cookie Murphy-Pettee
Elizabeth Musolf Reilly
Jean Naumann
Lisa Nerio
Peggy Nicholls
Nancy Nottingham
Bill and Jacque Oakes
Regina O’Brien
Eilene and Ron Oehl
Chris Offutt
Jan and John Oltman
Peggy and Scott Oppenheimer
Marie and Donald Osborn
Maria Lina Diaz and Thomas Owen
Lizzy Owens
Barbara Palermo
Cecilia and Jairo Parada
Helen and Foxhall Parker
Diane Tope and Dick Patriacca
Joyce Pegg
Angela and Stephen Penrose
Patti and Charles Penwill
Judith Permut
Jayne and David Petak
Cam Philpott
Jackie and Jim Power
Emily and Ken Ransford
Bob and Lorraine Reeder
Patricia Picciotto-Reininger and Steven Reininger
Henry Reinke
Elissa Stein and Richard Replin
Randa and Richard Richter
Wendy Rimel
Dylan Roberts
Leslie Robertson
Mike Rodenak
Hugo Rodriguez
Ronald Rose
Katherine and Paul Rosenberg
Jackie and Dr. Fred Rothstein
Les Samelson
Mary Pat and Tom Santel
Scott Schlosser
Gayle and Doug Schwartz
Julie and Gary Schwedt
Pam and George Shaeffer
Deb and Robert Shay in memory of Joey Viola
Leslie Sherman
Ann and Dave Simmons in memory of Walter Kirch
Jon Sirkis
Betty Smith
Patricia and Bill Smith
Nancy Smith
Sally and Norman Smith
Jean Smith-Koutmos
Bernard Sonneville
Jo-Una Spadafora
Arthur Spector
Marla Steele
Dr. Kristina Steinberg and William Brinton
Pamela Stenmark
Nancy and John Stoetzer
Peter Suneson
Douglas Talbot
Trudy and W.I. Thomas
Sandy and Tom Thomas
Susie and Brad Tjossem
Cara and Stephen Turner
Tracy Tutag
Jan Ugale
Tamara Underwood
Bonnie Vesey
Charles and Claudia Vieth
Ruth and Carl Walker
Jacob Ward
Lindsay Warner Ferrer
Debby Webster and Steve Blanchard
Susan and Albert Weihl
Mr. and Mrs. Weintraub
Lisa Wells
Kim and Ryan Westendorf
Patty White
Marcia and John Wild
Mickey Williams
Jeanne Wing
Kathleen and Steven Witsil
Linda and Dean Wolz
Tom Woodell
Brian Woodell
Darlene and Jack Zehren
Diane and Michael Ziering

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