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Press Release: Eagle Valley Land Trust Purchases Wildflower Farm

by Bergen Tjossem


1-Acre property and building to become center for community conservation


[Edwards, CO, November 18th] The Eagle Valley Land Trust (EVLT) purchased 33601 Highway 6 on November 17, 2022 to serve as a new center for community conservation. EVLT will move its operations to the property beginning in 2024.


“Conservation is getting more complex, and we rely on steadfast collaborations to ensure we protect wildlife corridors, riparian habitats, and the view shed many of us adore. This property will help us elevate the importance of conservation in a mindful and accessible way that truly benefits the community at large,” said Christina Lautenberg, EVLT’s board president.


The much-beloved property will meet a variety of local needs. Situated at the foot of the Lake Creek Valley and bordering the Eagle River Preserve, the one-acre parcel sits at the heart of Eagle County, where open space and the riparian corridor meet our built community. The iconic log building and surrounding property will serve as a community resource to elevate conservation and its importance in our community; an overlook to watch wildlife on the Eagle River Preserve and adjacent land; a gathering space for locals and visitors wanting to connect to conserved lands; a meeting space for conservation collaborators; a resource for landowners; a blank canvas for conservation programs; a facility for EVLT’s staff and community-focused initiatives. 


The building and 1-acre property known as Wildflower Farm will continue to be operated by the current tenant through 2023 while EVLT is completing visioning and fundraising efforts. “We are looking forward to EVLT as the new owner of the property and working towards a smooth transition. We will likely remain in place and continue operation for the next year to allow our retail staff to transition into other areas of our business. The Christmas Tree Sale is on, so be sure to stop by soon.” Dave Probst, owner of Wildflower Farm


“The Edwards Metro District is very excited to hear Eagle Valley Land Trust has been able to secure the beloved Wildflower Farm property. EVLT is the ideal owner and steward of this property, due to its proximity to the conserved Eagle River Preserve. We look forward to participating in the visioning process and the creation of a community asset that will elevate the important mission of conserving the lands that we love in our community.” Kara Heide, Edwards Metro District


“As partners in conservation, we are thrilled to learn our local land trust is building upon their decades of successful community engagement and land preservation by establishing a physical presence in the Edwards area. Having the Eagle Valley Land Trust move in as neighbors adjacent to the Eagle River Preserve presents new opportunities for our community to engage with our local conserved properties, accessible outdoor areas, and the gorgeous landscapes that make Eagle County a great place to live. We congratulate everyone involved in the effort and look forward to continuing our shared goal of conserving our treasured landscapes for our community.” Said Peter Suneson, Eagle County Open Space Manager.


As longtime EVLT Sustaining Council member Kathy Borgen attests, “EVLT’s job is to speak for one of our greatest natural resources, the land.”


EVLT has secured the property, but there is still quite a bit of work to do to realize EVLT’s vision for creating a community resource for conservation. The organization will be working over the next year to make this dream a reality. If you are interested in getting involved with the project, please contact Axel Lloyd by email at


The Eagle Valley Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to protect forever the lands we love, to preserve our heritage, scenic beauty, recreational opportunities, and wildlife habitats, and to build a permanent legacy for future generations. EVLT protects 38 properties in Eagle County that conserve open spaces, wildlife habitats, recreational opportunities, and scenic viewsheds.

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