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THE LAND THAT WE LOVE IS TRUSTING US to speak for it, protect it, and preserve it. We never take that trust for granted.


Eagle Valley Land Trust was founded in 1981 and is:

  • a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered with the IRS
  • certified by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs (DORA)
  • nationally accredited by the Land Trust Alliance
  • governed by a 17-member volunteer Board of Directors
  • proud to work with a variety of entities including private landowners, Eagle County Government, town governments, metro districts, and numerous state and federal agencies.


Our mission is to protect forever, as a permanent legacy, the land we love including its scenic beauty, recreational opportunities, and wildlife habitats.



EVLT works first and foremost for the future. Conserving land provides immense long term benefit, but also comes with financial and opportunity costs. EVLT appreciates and considers this tradeoff with every project.

Integrity and Accountabillity

Public trust is foundational to successful conservation. The Eagle Valley Land Trust stands firm in a commitment to integrity, accountability, and transparency by maintaining accreditation with the Land Trust Alliance.

Pragtism and Tradeoffs

We know that conservation is not suitable for every parcel and community. In our work, we look beyond the dichotomy of conservation versus development, open space versus housing and focus on building partnerships to foster landbased solutions that also meet community needs.

People Focused

EVLT is a people-first organization, dedicated to evolving with the needs of our community. We recognize that conservation around the world continues to be exclusionary and the benefits of conservation have been unevenly distributed. We are committed to leading our conservation movement with inclusivity at the forefront.

“Our work is about making sure that more people have access and opportunity to take in the wonders of the beautiful Eagle Valley while protecting all that makes it so special.”

Raj Manickam

Eagle Valley
Community Member


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are committed to providing public benefit. Board and staff members of EVLT are committed to integrity, pragmatism, and inclusion. Our conservation work is built on a foundation of trust and respect for each other, our stakeholders, and members of our community.

  • We conduct our conservation activities under the highest professional standards, in accordance with the Land Trust Alliance’s Standards and Practices, and with honesty, fairness, and in good faith.
  • We recognize and appreciate our responsibility to the public, stakeholders, and our donors to be fiscally responsible, mindful of our long-term responsibility to the lands we protect, and dedicated to building a sustainable, capable land trust organization.
  • We are committed to leading with pragmatism and future mindedness and strive to build durable long term land-based solutions to community challenges. We actively work to avoid conflicts of interest and utilize charitable donations solely for the pursuit of our strategic goals.
  • We work cooperatively with other land trusts, government agencies, private individuals, and conservation organizations to advance high quality, lasting conservation projects.
  • Our organization values diverse voices, values, and opinions. Rigorous internal discourse and debate propel our team toward lasting solutions. Our strength comes from the unity behind our shared vision.
  • We strive to enhance the reputation and credibility of the land trust community, both in Colorado and across the country.

We Are Trusted

to be the voice of the land we love, and we work for it with integrity, transparency, the highest ethical standards and a commitment to diversity and inclusion.