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WE ARE FOR collaborating with others for the good of public lands, recreation, and wildlife.

Conservation is a big job. It’s bigger than any one land trust, team, or vision. That’s why at EVLT, we depend on robust partnerships with like-minded groups and organizations throughout our valley. These partnerships come in many different forms and help us achieve a broad range of goals.

  • Conservation partners, such as Eagle County Open Space, help us find and secure new lands around the county.
  • Coalition partnerships, including the Eagle Valley Outdoor Stewardship Council (EVOSC), help us protect natural resources across borders, jurisdictions, and regions.
  • Community collaboratives, such as the Eagle Valley Outdoor Movement (EVOM), help us serve the vibrant and diverse communities that live, work, and play in Eagle County. They help make it possible for us to get kids and families outdoors by breaking down barriers to accessing nature and ensuring that the benefits of conservation are extended to all.
  • National partnerships, such as The Conservation Fund, have worked with EVLT to conserve a beloved local property, Sweetwater Lake, from being sold for development.
  • Eagle Valley Wild (EVW) is a non-profit enterprise that provides professional photographic services to conservation organizations and initiatives in Eagle County, Colorado, including Eagle Valley Land Trust.

EVLT is proud to partner with these and other entities in the critical work of forever protecting the lands we love and building a legacy of conservation for all in our extraordinary community.


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