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Young Group of Hikers in Eagle Valley

Partnership with The Eagle Valley Outdoor Movement.

Eagle Valley Outdoor Movement

The Eagle Valley Outdoor Movement (EVOM) works to break down barriers that community members face when it comes to experiencing the great outdoors.

These challenges include limited awareness of outdoor recreational opportunities, transportation and time constraints, concerns about safety, and the financial burdens associated with outdoor programs and gear. EVOM is committed to dismantling these barriers through cooperative partnerships, the establishment of accessible and secure outdoor locales, and the provisioning of enjoyable youth and family activities. Through EVOM’s efforts, people throughout our community are empowered to reap the enduring rewards of time spent in nature.

The Eagle Valley Outdoor Movement engages participants in a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, snowshoeing, habitat restoration, and horseback riding.

Last summer, EVOM and Eagle Valley Land Trust hosted four community events at Sweetwater Lake. The events, which were made free for all participants thanks to the Sweetwater Stewardship & Equity Fund, included hiking, bird watching, and horseback riding with AJ Brink Outfitters around the lake.

EVLT is committed to making the lands we love feel safe and inviting to people of all backgrounds, including those who have historically been underrepresented in the outdoors. Through our work with EVOM and our community conservation efforts throughout the valley, we help ensure that conserved lands are places that build community, value and embrace diversity, and distribute the benefits of conservation equitably. 

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