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WE ARE FOR. the balance of people, community needs and conservation.

EVLT’s strategic planning was, in more ways than one, a metamorphosis. Approaching its 40th birthday, the organization aspired to synthesize 39 years of lessons learned with an evolving conservation landscape to more effectively deliver on its mission to protect the lands we love, forever. The COVID-19 pandemic drove our team inside and apart, but as this plan was published, we emerge with renewed focus on community priorities and conservation possibilities.

Over the last decade, Land Trusts across the country have ushered in a new era of conservation. Not a departure from the old ways of doing things, simply an expansion. Time and experience have introduced new tools, partners, and strategies to protect more land and conservation values for our community. As our team has carefully considered these new opportunities, the reinforced our community’s need for protected land, open and free to all people. With this new plan, we hope to pursue this need with more focus and energy than ever before.

Watch the video to see why our work is critical.

EVLT is proud to partner with these and other entities in the critical work of forever protecting the lands we love and building a legacy of conservation for all in our extraordinary community.

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