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We are dedicated to working for and with landowners, community members, recreational enthusiasts, developers, tourists, and homeowners. We partner with those who want to keep precious lands preserved, those who want their own lands protected, and those who want to find best “forever” solutions with an eye toward growth, community needs and environmental stewardship. Ultimately, our work is about ensuring that more people have access and opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the beautiful Eagle Valley while making sure we protect all that makes it so special.

WE ARE FOR wild places. Wildlife. And the wildly exhilarating experiences available in the great outdoors.

Saving Land for People
The Eagle Valley Land Trust saves and protects our local lands for all people-homeowners, businesses, ranchers, sportspeople, neighbors, locals, and tourists alike. The open spaces we protect provide outdoor experiences, emotional connections, and economic benefits to the people of Eagle County.

WE ARE FOR wide open spaces that will never become parking lots.

Protecting Our Views and Landscapes
By protecting our lush valleys, mountain vistas, waterways, and wildlife, our conservation work has a lasting impact on scenic viewsheds and helps save our landscape and Western heritage for our entire community.

WE ARE FOR protecting recreational opportunities and powering our economy.

Protecting Our Recreational Opportunities
Our work protects the recreational values, outdoor experiences, and sporting opportunities that drive our local economy.

WE ARE FOR every generation that comes next.

Providing a Legacy for Our Future
Saving our Eagle County landscapes and waterways will guarantee the quality of life that we enjoy today will remain unspoiled forever.

Watch the video to see why our work is critical.

Click here to get an interactive look at our conserved land portfolio.

We Are FOR