Adde Sharp, Community Engagement Manager

A Breckenridge, Colorado native, Adde grew up appreciating the natural landscapes that define our communities. Over the course of her bachelor’s at Davidson College, Adde spent several months in the Peruvian Amazon studying the impacts of natural protected areas on indigenous communities, inspiring her ongoing passion for community-centered land management. After working for a regional land conservancy in North and South Carolina, Adde returned to Colorado to complete a Master’s in Environmental Policy and Management at the University of Denver. Adde is particularly drawn to EVLT for its unique ability to directly engage community members from all backgrounds in the ongoing stewardship of our shared environment. Adde’s favorite way to experience the surrounding natural beauty is on a mountain bike, especially during the spectacular fall season in the Eagle Valley. When not biking or working, Adde enjoys experimenting with new, homemade ice cream flavors, gardening, and backcountry skiing with her puppy.