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Diamond Star Ranch

by Bergen Tjossem


Steward Level Underwriter:

Anni Davis


Diamond Star I

The 10,500 acre Diamond Star Ranch, located south of I-70 and several miles east of Eagle, stretches south along rolling hills above the Brush Creek Valley. Since the 1890’s, the property has operated as a working cattle and horse ranch. An old stagecoach route that ran west from Denver cuts through the property. The remains of an original homestead cabin and a school house still exist on the ranch as do nearly 60 other structures, constant reminders of the ranch’s past.

Today’s owners of the Diamond S have planned a limited development of only 50 homesites, less than were to be found on the property a century ago. The sites have been carefully located in the aspen stands and on sage-brushed overlooks to assure minimal impact on the environment and maximum privacy for each owner. To assure that the Diamond S maintains its western heritage forever, management is committed to putting much of the Ranch under conservation easements. Phase one of the conservation project secured 1,400 acres of the property. Currently, the Eagle Valley Land Trust holds easements on two parcels, totaling 1,630 acres.

Diamond Star II

Recognizing the importance of protecting this region’s western heritage, owners of the Diamond Star Ranch development added 180 acres of ranchlands to the 1,400 acres already protected on its expansive property east of Eagle and south of I-70.

This easement includes part of the original homestead of Leonidas P. Howe who was granted title to 318 acres by President Calvin Coolidge in the “year of our Lord 1925 and the Independence of the United States one hundred and fifteen” (per Eagle County Recorder’s office).

The cabin, measuring 15′ x 25′ was build near a spring, which was the usual practice. It is located near the old stage road from Squaw Creek to Brush Creek and Eagle.

Eagle County native Jack Olsen, along with his crew, have restored the Howe Cabin and one of its outbuildings. The cabin logs are original as are some of the windows. It is furnished as near as possible with furniture of the time.