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Duck Pond River Access

by Bergen Tjossem


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55 acres of public land with over 4,000 feet of Eagle River frontage became a permanent conservation area for the enjoyment of people in our down valley communities on October 18, 2013. The land is owned by Eagle County and managed by Eagle County’s Open Space Department in partnership with Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife. This public recreation area, located along US Highway 6 between Gypsum and Dotsero, is open for fishing and duck hunting. 6,789 people live within five miles of this land; 10,278 people live with ten miles. It is a perfect place for local residents to experience the great outdoors and enjoy public access to their Eagle River.

The permanent conservation agreement will protect critical wildlife habitat for migrating ducks and other waterfowl, preserve the riparian corridor and provide public access to the Eagle River in perpetuity. The conservation easement was donated to the Land Trust by Eagle County Open Space. In addition, there are plans in 2014 by Eagle County to improve the parking area, build a boat launch/take out, construct duck hunting blinds and install signage. In an effort led by the Land Trust and Vail Resorts Echo in September 2013, a large scale volunteer project prepared the property for future public use. Volunteers planted over 250 trees and shrubs, removed noxious weeds and trash, and worked on the path for the Eagle Valley Trail. The county wide Eagle Valley Trail and bike path will run through the north side of Duck Pond.

Long-time locals will recognize this property as the ‘old cottonwood place’ previously owned by the Green family. Eagle and Gypsum residents can use this land to take an easy and leisurely afternoon float just down the road from their homes. Rafts, kayaks, canoes, boats and even inner tubes are good for this stretch of river. Local fly fishing enthusiasts can enjoy over 4,000 feet of fishing access, and come duck hunting season, local hunters can use the property for their sport. And with 55 acres of open space, and some great shade from a cottonwood grove, it is also a perfect place for a family picnic. This important piece of land along our Eagle River is now protected forever! We are proud to work with Eagle County to conserve this important piece of Eagle River frontage for our down valley community.