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Eagle River Preserve

by Bergen Tjossem

Photo by Todd Winslow Pierce

Sustaining Council Level Underwriter:

Molly and Jay Precourt


Click here for a full map of the property or scroll to the bottom for further details.


The Eagle River Preserve, a 72-acre site, located in the heart of Edwards, has been heralded as the community’s “Central Park”. Surrounded on three sides by development and bordered by a beautiful quarter-mile stretch of the Eagle River on the north, the property is owned by Eagle County. Its purchase in 2005 as community open-space was the vision of long-time area resident Harry Frampton and spearheaded by the Vail Valley Foundation that raised $12 million for its acquisition.

The property is rich with history of the Eagle River Valley…as home for Native Americans, next as a stage stop, and finally as a working ranch. Now, because of tremendous community interest and financial support, it will forever remain green-space for residents — human and wildlife alike — to enjoy.

Family fun at the Eagle River Preserve includes: nature walks, wildlife viewing, fly fishing, kite flying, picnics, bicycling, an off leash dog park, jogging, orienteering, snowshoeing, wildlife viewing, bird watching, frisbee and enjoying the sun on your face!