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Eagle Valley Wild: Photography for Change

Photo by Todd Winslow Pierce


Todd Winslow Pierce is accustomed to the long game. Getting the perfect shot often requires hours upon hours of waiting, readjusting, fine-tuning, and waiting some more. And for Pierce’s favored photography – landscapes – that often means being exposed to the elements throughout. But Todd’s work does far more for our community than you might expect.

Photography is one of the most powerful tools in the conservation process. It’s a key ingredient in galvanizing our community to protect the places that we all love and depend on. Photography by Todd Winslow Pierce has contributed to the success of recent landmark conservation projects like Sweetwater Lake and the Brush Creek Valley Ranch and Open Space. That’s why we’re excited for the unveiling of Eagle Valley Wild, a non-profit enterprise that Todd founded with his partner Kate Morris that creates professional quality images and video content specifically for conservation-related organizations like EVLT, free of charge. The project not only celebrates EVLT’s achievements, but will also dramatically leverage our efforts moving forward. Please visit for more information about the project, how to support it, and to have a look at our home through his lens.


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