Eric Eves

Eric is a life long local of the Vail Valley. He’s lived throughout the Valley and have explored many of it’s open lands. When not tied to a desk you can be sure you will find him exploring the great outdoors in Eagle County. Some of his favorite moments are when he’s graced by a Bald Eagle flying overhead or watching a majestic herd of Elk moving across the lands.  In the winter you can find Eric skiing, in the spring time you can find him growing garden starts in my greenhouse, in the summer you can find him gardening, camping in a forest somewhere or fishing and rafting on the great American rivers. In the fall you can find him harvesting his garden or on a hike enjoying the fall colors. Eric is a graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Natural Resources, Recreation and Tourism Management. He has been a part of a large scale Tourism and Conservation project in Patagonia since 2000, Huilo Huilo in Chile. In studying ecotourism and the dual strategy of conservation and preservation in both a classroom setting and a real life setting Eric has a large range of examples to pull on for discussions of balance and protection of lands.

In his 12 year career as a partner in a local land investment company, Eric has learned of potential alternatives and issues that come with development, private land investment, land conservation and opportunities for people to understand, explore and find new appreciation for open space. He has learned what makes a win-win deal and what are the realities of future land uses in Eagle County.

Eric hopes that conservation efforts can strike a balance of conservation, preservation, support sustainable development, and help create high quality, lower impact development with a sense of place for the local community.