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Our Valley – Hardscrabble

by Bergen Tjossem

The Our Valley Campaign has concluded. EVLT along with the Our Valley Campaign committee has raised over $330,000 from generous donors towards the purchase of the Hardscrabble Ranch. Thanks to all who made the campaign such a great, fun success! The purchase of the property from the developer/owner occurred successfully on July 31, 2017. The county and EVLT will finalize the details in the coming months whereby the county will own and manage the land and the land will be permanently protected by a conservation easement held by EVLT. Congratulations go to all residents of Eagle County!

Fishing on Brush Creek on Hardscrabble Ranch. Photo Credit Ed Roberson, Mirr Ranch Group

Thank you to those who contributed to the campaign.

[expand title=”Our Valley Donors” tag=”h2″ rel=”gifts”]

Abby and Peter Dann

Abrika Properties, LLC

Adrea and Dale Mehl

Alpine Bank

Amy and Steven Coyer

Andie and Dave Bombard

Andy Wiessner and Ms. Patsy Batchelder

Ann Renthal

Anni Davis

Annie Egan

Anthony Garreffa

Arlene and Max Quenon

Barb Hogoboom

Barbie Allen

Bernard Sonneville

Bill Whittaker

Catherine and Donald Salcito

Cathy Dumolt

Charles Reed

Christina and Josh Lautenberg

Cindy and Tony Ryerson

Cookie Murphy-Pettee

Dale Beauchamp

David McLean and Joan Strobel-McLean

David Nicol and Ms. Nan Nash

David Schlendorf

Dawn and Robert Riddle

Dayna Ayn Hurtt

Debbie Comerford

Diane and Craig Colby

Donald Humphrey

Dun Foundation

East West Management

Ed Evans

Elizabeth Berger

Emma Lister

Erica and Geoff Pass

Esther and Clinton Mehl

Frances and Dick Craig

Gale and David Kunkel

George Henry and Ms. Kathy Chandler-Henry

Harlan Feder

Hatsie and Sandy Hinmon

Helen McIntyre

Herbert Schactner

Holly and Jim Strablizky

Howard Kaplan and Ms. Pam Grad

Jackie Rothstein

Jacqueline and Stephen Hoffman

Jamie Harrison

Jan Townsend

Jane Tully

Janet Feder

Jay Rush and Ms. Rachel Nelson

Jean Clegg

Jean Naumann

Jeff Beacom and Ms. Rhea C. Bonk

Jennifer and William Griffis

Jill and Bob Warner, Jr.

Jill and Ty Ryan

Jo Ruder

Jody and David Smith

John Cochran

Kara and Farley Bolwell

Katharine Delanoy

Katharine Gaylord

Kathy and Bill Heicher

Kathy and Bjorn Borgen

Kay Cochran

Kelly and John Staight

Kent Erickson and Ms. Barbara Krichbaum

Kraige and Jann Kinney

Les Samelson

Linda and Gary Scanlon

Linda and Rick Glasgow

Lindsey and Andy Larson

Lindsey and Brent Rimel

Lisa and David Hammond

Margaret and Tom Edwards

Margaret Morris

Martha and Kevin Milbery

Martha Miller

Mary Jo and Bruce Allen

Mary Pownall

Matt and Diana Scherr

Michele and Will Darken

Michele Moore

Miriam and Arthur Spector

Molly and Michael Ansfield

Mr. Jerry Fedrizzi

Ms. Helen Lindow

Ms. Priscilla Brewster

Nancy and John Stoetzer

Nancy and Thomas Hill

Nicola Ripley

Paige Cumming

Pam and Jim Crine II

Pamela Jolenson

Pat Hammon

Pat Tvarkunas

Patricia and Chris Aubel

Patti and Ron Ruback

Peggy and Gary Edwards

Phyllis More

R.A. Nelson

Randy Kossan

Roadhouse Hospitality Group

Robin and John Danna

Rosie and Bob Gerding

Rosie Shearwood

Ruth and Carl Walker

Ruth Smet

Sally and Mike Metcalf

Sandi and Larry Agneberg

Sandy and Tom Thomas

Sarthou Bruno

Scott Lingle

Scott Skelton

Sharon and Britt Bishop

Sharon Feder

Sheila Mossman

Shelley Gile

Stacy and Mark McCrary

Stanley and Mary Ellen Cope

Steve Lindstrom/CVT Theaters

Steve Metcalf

Sue and Dan Godec

Susan and Greg Johnson

Susan Christensen

Susan Pollack

Susie Kincade

Sweetwater Liquor

Tania and Dudley Irwin

The Concerned Citizens of Eagle County

The Leroy and Connie Schmidt Family Foundation

The Robert and Carolyn Donovan Family

The Shipp Family

Timothy Barca

Tina Nielsen and Mr. Andrew Littman

Tricia Smith

Valerie and Thomas Glimp

Vicki and Brian Pope

Vicki and Dick Bourret

Wall Street Insurance

Warren Meyer

Wendy Griffith

Wendy Sacks


Read below for the original campaign posting:

If you listen closely you can hear the sound of each step you take, the swish of grass as you walk through its vast fields and in the distance, a babbling brook.

Nowhere is this beauty more real than in Eagle County’s Brush Creek Valley, one of the last few pristine ranching valleys in our community. Threatened by growth, now you can be a part of preserving this rare landscape FOREVER.

A vast, 1,540-acre working ranch, the Hardscrabble Ranch is the last remaining unplatted land in the Brush Creek Valley. The Our Valley Campaign, spearheaded by Eagle Valley Land Trust, seeks to raise funds by July 31, 2017 to help Eagle County Open Space purchase the property and place it under conservation easement. This will allow recreation and continued agricultural operations while forever protecting the property.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife calls Hardscrabble Ranch a “game changer” for wildlife and outdoor recreation. The property contains 2.5 miles of Brush Creek and Salt Creek fisheries. Elk require this valley floor and its open water to survive harsh winters.

If conserved, several miles of public trails will be created in such a way that you will be able to enjoy the agricultural operation and wildlife habitat firsthand, forever.

View the 3D map here and a map with property layout here.

Something for everyone, Our Valley is really your valley…and we need your support to preserve it.

To learn more, please click here.

Deeds of Acknowledgement – You can sponsor the permanent conservation of the ranch.

Everyone can help save the Brush Creek Valley! Donate now to sponsor your portions of the Hardscrabble Ranch Property.

Whether 100 square feet or 10 acres, your Deed of Acknowledgement will showcase the valuable land that you preserved.

Receive your Deed of Acknowledgement for preserving the Brush Creek Valley.

Your donation in these amounts will help preserve areas of open space equal to these square footages/acreages:

$25 = 100 square feet (sf)

$50 = 250 sf

$100 = 1,000 sf

$250 = 5,000 sf

$500 =  1/3 acre

$1,000 = 1 acre

$2,500 = 4 acres

$5,000 = 10 acres

$10,000 = 25 acres

$25,000 = call us for naming opportunities!

*Donations of $250 or more will receive recognition on trailhead signage on the property


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