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by Bergen Tjossem

JOHNSONThe Johnson easement is a 25 ± acre parcel, located on the west side of Brush Creek Road. Providing a buffer between the road and the Eagle Ranch community, this easement features a portion of Brush Creek, a riparian area and pastureland.

This private property was donated to the Trust (then known as the Eagle County Land Conservancy) in 1987 by Elinor Allen. She clearly stated that she wanted this land “to remain in its natural state as a sanctuary for the birds and other small animals that inhabit this area…free from commercial encroachments and concrete monuments to civilization”. Elinor’s niece, Jean Allen Johnson, was a founder of the Conservancy and served on the organization’s board until 1999. This parcel, along with a 35-acre property adjacent to the Eagle Recreation Center Spud Cellar), was the first to be put under the Trust’s protection.