Eagle Valley Outdoor Stewardship Coalition

The Eagle Valley Outdoor Stewardship Coalition (EVOSC) formed in 2019 as a way to facilitate communication between land and trail managers and outdoor recreation organizations. The purpose of the coalition is to build relationships and partnerships for efficient management of public lands and outdoor recreation.

EVOSC is made up of partner organizations that have a specific scope and mission related to outdoor recreation, safety and/or stewardship. These partner organizations facilitate discussions on a needs basis and then use these conversations to best serve the community regarding matters of outdoor recreation, local wildlife, and/or public lands.

EVOSC understands the important role outdoor recreation plays in Eagle County. As Eagle County continues to grow in population size and more people participate in outdoor recreation, natural resources will continue to experience increasing amounts of strain. EVOSC recognizes the conflation of these trends and aims to develop best practices and guidelines for fostering sustainable outdoor recreation.

EVOSC Partners

  • Adopt A Trail
  • Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • Eagle County Open Space
  • Eagle River Watershed Council
  • Eagle Valley Land Trust
  • Eagle Valley Outdoor Movement
  • Hardscrabble Trails Coalition
  • Holy Cross Powder Hounds
  • Town of Avon
  • Town of Eagle
  • Town of Vail
  • Trout Unlimited
  • United States Forest Service
  • Vail Mountain Rescue
  • Vail Valley Mountain Trails Alliance
  • Walking Mountains Science Center
  • Rocky Mountain Sports Riders
  • Rocky Mountain Youth Corps
  • Wildridge Trails Coalition
  • Walking Mountains Science Center
  • Wilderness Workshop
  • Vail Valley Partnership

EVOSC Partner Resources

United States Forest Service

Vail Mountain Trails Alliance

For EVOSC’s recommended guidelines on outdoor recreation during covid-19, click here.

EVOSC is committed to ensuring the future of outdoor recreation coincides with the objectives of our community, the needs of local wildlife and the proper stewardship of our public lands and open spaces. The coalition welcomes input and participation from all. Any feedback or desire to learn more can be directed to community@evlt.org.