"We partner with the Land Trust to conserve land so we can have these beautiful scenic areas for generations to come."
~ Jill Ryan, Comissioner Eagle County Government

EVLT believes in the value of partnering to leverage organization strengths and to operate more efficiently and deliver more impact to the community. As they say, all ships rise together on the tide.

EVLT wishes to:
  • Connect community members to conserved land and inspire a conservation ethic;
  • Engage youth in service learning on conserved properties;
  • Collaborate with educators to leverage existing expertise, increase effective collaboration; and
  • Cross promote complimentary programming.

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Ways to Partner with Us

A few options for partnering are listed below. However, if you have a partnership opportunity, please reach out.

  • Let us help you deliver new and vibrant youth education content in unique locations. Find out about our Future Conservationists Program here.
  • Co-lead and cross promote a Community Land Connection hike. Learn more about this program here.
  • Sponsor our event. Learn more about our events here.

Our Partners

Eagle County Open Space

Eagle County Open Space is the major funder and owner of permanently conserved land in Eagle County. The land trust and the county collaborate frequently to conserve those places that make Eagle County a great place to live and visit. In most cases, the land trust holds conservation easements on the land to ensure forever that it will never be sold or used for purposes other than open space.



Eagle River Watershed Council believes that our rivers and streams are the life-blood of our valley. Their preservation and restoration improves our economy, our culture, and our quality of life. EVLT and ERWC work together to promote the preservation of land and water for our community.


With the goal of reducing redundancy, playing to organizational strengths, and working together to serve the community, the partnership with Walking Mountains Science Center helps EVLT deliver its Future Conservationists youth education program and helps Walking Mountains deliver a more robust curriculum to its youth participants.