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Land Conservation Helps Drive Our Economy

by Bergen Tjossem

Our column in the Vail Daily this month talks about the economic benefit of our work to the community.  You can read it in full here.  If you’re interested in a closer look at the studies that were sited in the column then we’ve provided links below to each of them.

  1. Southwick Associates  – They also have numerous other reports that you may enjoy.  Click here for a list of them.
  2. Headwaters Economics – Their larger site also has numerous related studies.  Start with their home page, and then drill down from there.  Several studies under the ‘land’ tab are very interesting.
  3. For the CDOW numbers, most of the stats come from this report, but some were pulled from a couple of Vail Daily articles written by Randy Wyrick.

Happy reading!

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