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Abrams Creek

Abrams Creek

Abrams Creek Open Space is an in-holding surrounded by BLM land and Town of Eagle open space. It’s a public access point to the Hardscrabble Trail network and is easily visible from most of Eagle. Strolling through it, you’ll notice that it’s home to elk, mule deer, and many other species of wildlife.

Abrams Creek Open Space is also home to an endangered penstemon flower, found only in a handful of places in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.

The conservation of Abrams Creek Open Space took 15 years and was worth every minute. These 172 acres of scenic beauty and valuable wildlife habitat will be protected forever.

Things to do here:

Outdoor access, hiking, birdwatching, cycling, picnic, horseback riding, wildlife watching, wildlife, dog friendly

Before you go:

  • Please don’t pick the flowers. They’re beautiful, but there’s an endangered penstemon flower there, and unless you’re an expert you can’t tell the difference between the penstemon that’s endangered, and those that are not.
  • Abrams Creek is closed between December 15th and April 15th to protect wildlife.

Species you may see:

Black Bear
Mountain Lion
Mule Deer

Photo Gallery

Conservation Easement Signed:

Sustaining Council Level Underwriter:

Lands Protected:
172 acres

Conservation Values:
Scenic open space, wildlife habitat, public recreation

Public Access:
Wildlife closures
December 15 – April 15

Owner: Town of Eagle

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