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Walking Mountains – Buck Creek Parcel

In 2016, Walking Mountains Science Center purchased 5.8 acres of land next to their campus in Avon with the help of Eagle County, the Tang Family, the Town of Avon, and Eagle Valley Land Trust. Of the 5.8 acres, 3.5 were put under a conservation easement held by Eagle Valley Land Trust.

This protected portion of the Buck Creek Valley provides a space in which visitors to Walking Mountains Science Center can learn about nature, science, and conservation. While most conservation easements focus on the protection of larger landscapes and ecosystems, the Walking Mountains Buck Creek parcel has the primary purpose of promoting environmental education.

Things to do here:

Before you go:

Species you may see:

Bighorn Sheep
Black Bear
Bald Eagle
Migrating Ducks
Mountain Lion
Mule Deer

Photo Gallery

Conservation Easement Signed:

Sustaining Council Level Underwriter:
Judy and Peter Copses

Lands Protected:
3.5 acres

Conservation Values:
Public recreation, education

Public Access:

Walking Mountains Science Center

Click here to get an interactive look at our conserved land portfolio.