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Potato Patch

Conservation easements can be used to define the character of a neighborhood as the Potato Patch Partners demonstrated in 2003.

Located on the last switch-back near the top of Potato Patch Road on the north side of I-70 in Vail, these aspen-clad 2.8 acres offer a welcome open-space among the homes winding up the hillside. The site is a natural continuation of US Forest Service property directly across the street.

Rather than see homes built on this site at some future time, several neighbors joined forces to assure it will be open space forever with a conservation easement donated to the Eagle Valley Land Trust.

While the site is relatively small, its conservation values are important. Deer, elk and a variety of small animals frequent the property. It provides a quiet spot for which neighbors enjoy bird-watching and is a reminder of the natural beauty that attracted residents to the Potato Patch area in the first place.

Things to do here:

Species you may see:

Black Bear
Mountain Lion
Mule Deer

Photo Gallery

Conservation Easement Signed:

Sustaining Council Level Underwriter:

Lands Protected:
2.89 acres

Conservation Values:
Scenic Open Space, Wildilfe Habitat

Public Access:
No Public Access – Private

Potato Patch Partners

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