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Roberts Ranch

In 2009, George Roberts placed a donated conservation easement on his property in the Terrace neighborhood of Eagle. Instead of developing five previously approved home sites, Roberts decided to forever protect this beautiful property, which provides valuable wildlife habitat and significant scenic benefit to the residents of Eagle.

The property is contiguous to an already existing conservation easement and very close to another, creating extremely important “green belts” between residential subdivisions within the town. Roberts Ranch also provides connectivity with public open spaces administered by the Bureau of Land Management.

114 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles are known to inhabit Roberts Ranch, including mule deer and elk.

Things to do here:

Before you go:

Species you may see:

Migrating Ducks
Mule Deer

Photo Gallery

Conservation Easement Signed:

Sustaining Council Level Underwriter:

Lands Protected:
12.93 acres

Conservation Values:
Scenic open space, wildlife habitat

Public Access:
Not Permitted

Private Landowner

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