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Sweetwater Lake

Sweetwater Lake is where current and future generations of Americans can recreate, connect with the natural environment, appreciate the cultural and natural history, and connect with our western heritage. Here partnerships are paramount to deliver public benefits. 

Sweetwater Lake provides cultural, historic and social value to local communities. Three overarching goals exist for the public acquisition and reopening of the property to the public:

  • Improve access, modernize facilities, and provide updated and sustainable recreational services that are appropriate to the environment, desired by the public and keeping within the character of the area. 
  • Retain and protect the natural and social characteristics of the area.  
  • Incorporate public input while honoring the historical legacy of this special place during the planning process.   

Resources & Information for this project.

Sweetwater Lake Area Regulations

Lake Status: Open
Restaurant Status: Closed
Sweetwater Cave: Closed to human entry to protect this fragile resource while management plans are being developed.
Horseback Riding, Horsepacking Trips: Open – contact Brink Outfitters at 970-524-7344 or click here.

Sweetwater Lake Vision Statement
Frequently Asked Questions
Pre-NEPA Stakeholder & Community Engagement Summary

Public Meeting 3/6/23
Video Recording
Public Meeting Q&A

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA):
Stay up to date on the Sweetwater Lake Recreation Management and Development Project
National Environmental Policy Act Informational Powerpoint
NEPA 101 Webinar


Things to do here:

Species you may see:

Black Bear
Bald Eagle
Migrating Ducks
Mountain Lion
Mule Deer

Photo Gallery

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