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West Avon Preserve

West Avon Preserve

This 478-acre parcel in Avon is highly visible from the interstate corridor and is a primary northern viewshed for many valley residents. The property provides public recreation opportunities and serves as a buffer between the Singletree and Wildridge neighborhoods, forever preventing suburban sprawl in the area. Light pollution to the north has also been mitigated by conserving this land.

West Avon Preserve has long been a favorite spot for outdoor recreation. Hordes of residents watch Avon’s annual fireworks show here; scores of mountain bikers ride the Avon to Singletree Trail and continue on to June Creek; hikers from Singletree to the west and Wildridge to the east use the loop trails for their daily exercise. There is also a large number of wildflowers and different plant species on the West Avon Preserve, including the unique Harrington’s Penstemon.

This conservation easement was made possible through the Eagle Valley Land Exchange, a global land swap project involving numerous agencies and individuals. The Land Exchange included six parcels and over 1,550 acres of local land. Along with the West Avon Preserve, the Land Exchange added 800 acres of new land into the U.S. White River National Forest and over 700 acres of new conservation easements in Eagle County. Eagle Valley Land Trust is proud to have been a partner in the historic Eagle Valley Land Exchange to conserve and protect important open spaces and special places in our community.

Things to do here:

Before you go:

Species you may see:

Harrington's Penstemon
Mule Deer

Photo Gallery

Conservation Easement Signed:

Sustaining Council Level Underwriter:
George Family Foundation

Lands Protected:
478 acres

Conservation Values:
Scenic open space, public recreation, wildlife habitat

Public Access:
All trails except for Our Backyard and PB&J
Wildlife closures
December 15 – April 15

Town of Avon

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