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Yarmony Mountain

The Walden easement on Yarmony Mountain consists of 75.6 acres north and east of Bond along Copper Spur Road, near the Routt County border. This beautiful site features varied terrain. A band of cliffs and rocky outcrops rise from the hillsides thickly covered by Douglas fir, mountain mahogany, aspen, and pinyon-juniper woodlands. In turn, these forested slopes rise from rolling sagebrush flats.

The proximity of the property to documented archeological sites suggests that this area was used as hunting grounds and travel routes for area inhabitants up to 7,000 years ago.

Things to do here:

Species you may see:

Mountain Lion
Mule Deer

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Conservation Easement Signed:

Sustaining Council Level Underwriter:

Lands Protected:
75.6 acres

Conservation Values:
Scenic open space

Public Access:
Not Permitted

Private landowner

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