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“To know these special places will never be developed brings me great peace and satisfaction. Please join me in supporting the work of Eagle Valley Land Trust.”

– Dr. Tom Steinberg, Past Board Member Emeritus

Your donations have helped thousands of birds, trout, and elk thrive; protected 30 miles of scenic hiking and biking trails; and conserved thousands of acres of inspiring, multi-generational ranch lands that built the west, support wildlife, and feed us now.

Make a Donation Today

The simplest way to support your local Land Trust is through a tax-deductible donation online or in the mail.


Your tax-deductible gift can be mailed to:

Eagle Valley Land Trust
PO Box 3016
Edwards, CO 81632

The Impact of Your Gift

Together, we make a difference

From working ranches and iconic waterfalls to ridgelines and pristine riverfronts, you have helped protect the places where people can recharge, recreate, and reconnect with nature and the uniqueness of our Rocky Mountain community. In fact, for every dollar you donate, EVLT creates ten dollars worth of conservation.

For over 35 years, your support has helped to protect the places where wildlife not only survive, but thrive.

Together, we protect our favorite places

But there is much more work we can do. Change is coming. Our population is set to double in 40 years to nearly 100,000 people. The natural beauty of this place is why we moved here, why we stay, and drives our recreation-based economy.

Each year, EVLT confirms and defends the permanent conservation values of these special places. With your support, EVLT looks to conserve 2,000 acres of new land each year . . . forever.

Underwrite a Property

Underwriting is a great way to fund the protection of your favorite conserved land. Underwriting is reserved for our Steward level donors and above. If you would like to underwrite a property or for more information, please contact us at or by calling (970) 748-7654.

Giving Levels

The work of the Eagle Valley Land Trust is 100% dependent upon donations. We hope that you will be inspired and moved to support our efforts to protect the future of our home in one of the following ways:

Sustaining Council members represent the Land Trust’s highest level of membership and as such they provide broad-based support for all of the efforts of the Land Trust. Our Sustaining Council members are included in all Land Trust events and recognized on all of our materials.

GUARDIANS – $5,000
Guardians of our land are exactly that. Each Guardian member is an underwriter of one of our 15 larger conserved parcels. The underwritten property will be dedicated to each Guardian member via recognition in our materials.

STEWARDS – $2500
Stewards are underwriters of our smaller conserved parcels. The underwritten property will be dedicated to each Guardian member via recognition in our materials.

FRIENDS – $1000
Friends provide support of the educational activities in which the Land Trust engages with our community.

Defender members provide the funds needed for our team to continuously work toward securing properties that will go under an easement, ensuring they are forever protected.

It all starts with you. Your contributions ensure that our important work can continue.


Planned Giving

Legacy Partners: Legacy Partners are the Land Trust’s highest level of giving because they provide for the longevity of the organization. By designating the Land Trust as a beneficiary in your will or other estate documents, your family will leave a legacy of conservation for all future generations. Please contact us for more details and to let us know that you made a gift so that we can thank you during your lifetime. Examples include:

  • Life Insurance: Name EVLT as sole beneficiary of your policy, transfer ownership of a paid-up policy, or give a policy on which you are still paying premiums.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities: In exchange for a gift of cash or other assets, EVLT will pay you and/or a loved one a fixed, guaranteed annual income for the rest of your life. After your death, the remainder of your annuity is used to create a charitable endowment fund in your name.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts: An irrevocable trust provides you and/or a loved one with a fixed, guaranteed annual income or an income that varies with the value of the trust.
  • Bequests: The simplest lasting gift. You could designate a bequest as an outright cash gift, a percentage of your estate, from your IRA, or set up a plan that provides lifetime income to your beneficiaries.

Special Gifts

Campaigns: Want to support one of our specific causes? Click here to review our special campaigns.

Matching Gifts: Expand the impact of your gift when your employer matches your charitable contributions.

Naming Opportunities: Endowed or other special purpose funds may be named for someone you wish to honor.

Endowment: Receive tax benefits for an endowed gift, while providing income in perpetuity for a project of particular interest to you.

Special Events and Projects: Become involved in our fundraising events by sponsoring, volunteering, donating products or services, or simply by attending. Find out more about special events…

Memorial and Commemorative Gifts: Memorial gifts are lasting tributes in honor of a beloved person who has passed away. Commemorative gifts celebrate a person or special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, or retirement.

Appreciated Property: Securities and Real Estate

  • Long-term appreciated stock, mutual funds, or real estate – easy and tax-efficient.
  • Greater tax benefits than a cash gift of equivalent value.
  • Please notify us prior to your stock transfer.
  • Please notify EVLT in advance of making a real estate gift.

The gift of your time

Volunteers are the backbone of the Eagle Valley Land Trust!

Your local Land Trust accomplishes its mission from the assistance of a dedicated group of committed volunteers. Volunteers enable us to perform annual monitoring and inspection visits, run an efficient office, host special events, educate the public about open space and set policies that govern our organization.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities with The Eagle Valley Land Trust, please contact

Give while you shop online at Amazon

Want an easy way to support EVLT and our mission while you shop? Please consider registering EVLT as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile so that you can support us with 0.5% of every purchase.  Click here, register Eagle Valley Land Trust as your charity, and start shopping!

We are pleased to provide you with tax-deductible information, but it is not intended to provide legal or tax advice. We encourage you to consult with your financial and legal advisors for additional tax information.

For more details on all of these ways of giving, please call 970.748.7654. All inquiries regarding gifts to EVLT are completely confidential.