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Trust Our Land | Here’s where we’re at with Sweetwater Lake

by Bergen Tjossem

Four years ago, a beloved local property, Sweetwater Lake, went up for sale after development plans failed to materialize once again. It had been on the verge of private development for decades. The most recent proposal? Luxury homes, a golf …

Trust Our Land: Why Community Conservation Matters

by Bergen Tjossem

Conservation has come a long way since the days of Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir. Simply acquiring large swaths of land isn’t enough to protect wildlife and other conservation values, nor does it maximize community benefit. What’s changed in conservation …

Sweetwater Lake | Information and FAQ’s

by Bergen Tjossem

Note: Sweetwater Lake is in transition between private and public ownership. Please give managers time to activate the property. Signage, infrastructure, and access projects are in progress. US Forest Service trails surrounding the property are open to the public.All photographs …