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The Land Trust on Berlaimont and East Vail

by Bergen Tjossem

The Eagle Valley Land Trust (EVLT) is dedicated to protecting land, wildlife habitat, and open spaces for our community. To be successful in our mission, EVLT relies on thoughtful and pragmatic conservation strategies established by EVLT’s board of directors over 38 years since the founding of the organization in 1981.

EVLT does not take formal positions for or against specific development proposals. While EVLT opposes the potential loss of wildlife habitat some development proposals represent, EVLT respects the private property rights of landowners.

For specific development proposals, EVLT’s formal position is to respect the rights of the private property owner and to support the community in which the property exists in deciding the best path forward. EVLT participates in community discussions as a conservation resource and partner. EVLT has and will continue to suggest and encourage conservation strategies where appropriate.

For example, EVLT submitted comments on the Berlaimont Estates draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) expressing preference for the conservation of this property, while respecting the landowner’s rights. The letter also set forth specific concerns regarding threats to vulnerable wildlife populations, damage to scenic viewsheds and watersheds, and damage to wildlife habitat.  EVLT continues to request that the owners of the Berlamont parcel consider selling the property for open space or protect it via conservation easement or other means.

EVLT frequently attends community meetings to remain apprised of the status of the East Vail project and will continue to support the community of Vail as it determines the best solution for the community. EVLT encourages solutions that seek to accommodate the protect the bighorn sheep herd while respecting the private property rights of the landowner.

The Eagle Valley Land Trust currently protects 11,277 acres across 36 properties in Eagle County including over 10,000 acres of wildlife habitat. To learn more about EVLT’s conservation work in the community, visit Please send comments or questions to  


Jim Daus, Executive Director

Adriana Bombard, Board President

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