T.J. Voboril

T.J. Voboril is a founding partner of local law firm Alpenglow Law, LLC and the owner of Voice of Reason Dispute Resolution. Whether as an advocate in civil litigation and appeals or as a mediator, T.J. Voboril is in the business of resolving disputes. He is also a broker with Slifer, Smith & Frampton Real Estate/Forbes Global Propertiesa further extension of his passion for connecting with people and land. T.J. is a doting father to his daughter Violet. He is obsessed with skiing, loves riding his mountain bike, and meanders local lakes and rivers on his paddleboard. When not spending time with his family, solving problems, or recreating, Voboril engages in philanthropic endeavors through the Edwards Rotary Club and devotes pro bono time to legal and mediation work with Northwest Colorado Legal Services and the Eagle County Small Claims Court. T.J. joined the EVLT Board in 2014.