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What type of property is appropriate for protection with an Eagle Valley Land Trust conservation easement?

by Bergen Tjossem

Each property is evaluated individually after careful investigation of its resources and qualities. Depending on the property, sometimes one factor alone is significant enough to merit protection, other times several factors combine to make the property important to preserve. Generally, a property is a good candidate for protection with a conservation easement if the land:

  • includes important wildlife habitat or known wildlife migration routes.
  • buffers wildlife habitat, so that its protection from dense development would diminish impacts on wildlife from dogs, cars and concentration of human activities.
  • is in active ranching or other agricultural use.
  • is visible from major highways, from rivers used by the public for recreation or from public-use areas.
  • is in a relatively natural, undisturbed condition.
  • shares a boundary with, or is in close proximity to Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management properties
  • is adjacent to, or in close proximity to, private land that is already permanently protected or that is likely to be protected in the foreseeable future.
  • is situated such that its development would obstruct or diminish scenic views or would interfere with view across already protected open.
  • borders or affects the integrity of a significant river, stream or creek in the area.
  • is of sufficient size that its conservation resources are likely to remain intact, even if adjacent properties are developed.
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