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by Bergen Tjossem


Steward Level Underwriters:

Holly and Buck Elliott


In 1998, longtime Vail resident George Webster protected the 377-acre Webster Ranch with a conservation easement in order to maintain forever the open space, agricultural productivity, wildlife habitat and scenic qualities of the land. The marsh land is particularly good habitat for water fowl. Located at the south end of East Lake Creek, the property is within a quarter mile of the Holy Cross Wilderness. It serves as an important buffer property to the wilderness, providing winter range for elk, as well as habitat for wide-ranging animals such as black bear and mountain lion.

Historically the ranch was homesteaded in the late 1800’s. From about 1900 to the mid 1920’s, the property was used to grow lettuce for the Denver market. Webster acquired the land in 1971. George, who died in early 2002, recognized the many and diverse conservation values of this pristine property, which he enjoyed as his mountain retreat. Today, his daughters Debby and Molly carry on this passion for the ranch, maintaining it as private property.