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West Avon Preserve

by Bergen Tjossem

Photo by Todd Winslow Pierce

Sustaining Council Underwriters:

George Family Foundation


Guardian Level Underwriters:

Anne and Ted Wolff

Christina and Josh Lautenberg


Click here for a full map of the property or scroll to the bottom for detailed directions.


Your local Land Trust, in partnership with the US Forest Service, Eagle County, Town of Avon, the Vail Valley Mountain Trails Alliance and others, placed a permanent conservation easement on 478-acres of land just north of I-70 in Avon between the neighborhoods of Wildridge and Singletree on May 9, 2013.

An estimated 6,636 people live within one mile of the West Avon Preserve. The land is highly visible from the interstate corridor and serves a primary vista and northern view-shed for many valley residents and second-homeowners. In addition to creating a publicly accessible recreation area for our citizens, this conservation area serves as a buffer between the neighborhoods Singletree and Wildridge, forever preventing suburban sprawl in this area. Light pollution to the north has also been mitigated by conserving these 478 acres.

This land has been a signature overlook and outdoor recreational spot as far back as any of us can remember. Hordes of residents watch Avon’s annual fireworks show here; scores of mountain bikers ride the Avon to Singletree Trail and continue on to June Creek; hikers from Singletree to the west and Wildridge to the east use the loop trails here for their daily exercise. There also exists a large number of wildflowers and different plant species on the West Avon Preserve, including the unique Harrington’s Penstemon. With the conservation easement placed on this land, it has been preserved and protected in its current, natural state forever. Public recreation is preserved by eliminating any future private subdivision developments, and property values for surrounding neighborhoods will likely be enhanced by protecting this primary view-shed and landscape as seen from local neighborhoods.

This conservation easement was made possible though The Eagle Valley Land Exchange, a global land swap project involving numerous agencies and individuals. The Land Exchange included 6 parcels and over 1,550 acres of local land. Along with the West Avon Preserve, the Land Exchange added 800 acres of new land into the U.S. White River National Forest and added over 700 acres of new conservation easements in Eagle County. The Eagle Valley Land Trust is proud to have been a partner in the historic Eagle Valley Land Exchange to conserve and protect important open spaces and special places in our community. The project partners for the Land Exchange were: United States Forest Service, Colorado State Land Board, Eagle County, Town of Avon, Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority, Eagle River Water and Sanitation District, the Nottingham Family and the Eagle Valley Land Trust.