“Yes” on 1B – Open Space, Rivers and Trails!

logoEagle Valley Land Trust urges you to vote “Yes” on 1B. It is out of the ordinary for this land trust to take an advocacy position, however, the land trust felt it important to add its voice to the public discussion due to recent negative commentaries on measure 1B.

Eagle County’s spectacular vistas and open spaces are why we all live here. Without raising our taxes, this initiative simply extends the existing tax to ensure that the county can continue to execute a long-term strategy that promotes clean water, abundant wildlife, and an outstanding trail network connecting our communities and the open spaces we and our families all enjoy.    Many of our favorite places like Horn Ranch and the West Avon Preserve would not have been conserved were it not for the county open space tax 1B seeks to extend.

With the county population expected to nearly double in 30 years, 1B provides our leaders critical tools they need to pro-actively protect our exceptional quality of life.

We urge you to vote YES on 1B.


Andie Bombard and Jim Daus

President of the Board and Executive Director